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Work Compensation Lawyer – Hearing Loss Claims – About

All of us profoundly depend upon the five senses to safely spend our lives or perform any work. Hearing is between these senses in everyday life. We don’t even realize the dangers of noise around us. We can damage the inner ear pretty badly due to the large noises we notice in our environment, especially at work.

Not all hearing loss conditions are always permanent. However, a worker can be in the danger of losing their hearing permanently if they ignore it and not treat it well.

It doesn’t matter how trained or skilled a worker is, in the condition of a permanent hearing loss, the career of that person or worker is not secured.

In simple words, it is an expensive and lifetime treatment that workers can’t continue properly without the support of their employer. According to the studies, millions of workers experience hazardous noise conditions at work. Workers usually report hearing loss as an occupational disease.

What is a noise-induced hearing loss?

Noise-induced hearing loss is a term that covers several different hearing conditions. The conditions are as follows:

1. Occupational Deafness

This condition causes incomplete or complete deafness due to the permanent cell damage to the inner ear. It is a kind of damage that occurs gradually with time.

2. Acoustic Shock Syndrome

When a single strong impulse sound occurs close to the person, it damages the ear. For example, repeated exposure to high-frequency, high-intensity sounds through a headset or an explosion.

3. Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a condition that includes buzzing, whistling, or ringing sound either in one ear or both. With time, sounds may become distorted or muffled. It makes it difficult to understand what other people are saying, which is a painful condition.

Woman with hearing protection headphones and googles at work.

Source: Unsplash

How common is noise-induced hearing loss?

The high-intensity noise at work is one of the biggest problems that cause deafness or hearing loss. Different studies show that the work environment can cause noise-induced hearing loss to thousands of people. Each year, hundreds of workers claim compensation for NIHL (Noise-Induced Hearing Loss).

So, any worker who is suffering from noise-induced hearing loss due to their work may be able to a compensation claim for hearing loss.

Who is at risk of hearing loss?

Hearing loss due to the noise occurs mostly to these people who are working in noisy environments, such as places where the noise levels are more than 80 dBA.

If the workers expose themselves to such high-level noises for a longer period, it can cause permanent hearing loss. In that situation, the results or effects are not recoverable.

Work Compensation Lawyer – Hearing Loss – Workplaces

Workplaces, where this hearing loss can occur to workers, include industries like:

  • Engineering
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Shipyard
  • Road Drilling
  • Car Manufacturing

However, hearing loss due to noise is not limited to only these industries. A worker who is working in any condition or industry can suffer from hearing loss. In that situation, he is available to claim against his employer for the worker’s compensation.

 What is a worker compensation claim?

It is a system that pays financial benefits and compensation to the workers who got their injuries while they were at their workplaces. The system is publicly sponsored. That is a kind of insurance that is offered to these workers who become disabling or injured as a result of their work.

To get these compensation benefits, workers also agree to leave their rights to their employer to take the legal procedure for any negligence. It is a compensation agreement between the workers and the employers which protects both parties.

Why is it important to know about worker compensation claims?

There are advantages as well as disadvantages of receiving worker’s compensation insurance.

If you understand how this compensation works as well as what qualifies workers for such a compensation claim, you will be able to decide if you need to make a worker’s compensation claim or not.

Work Compensation Lawyer – Hearing Loss Claims

If a worker becomes injured or ill at his workplace, while he is doing his job, he is qualified for the compensation claim. Some people live in fear that they might or might not be covered. And the reason is they don’t know whose fault it is.

However, it is always better to inform yourself than assume are you or are you not qualified for such a compensation claim.

Constantly, keep in mind that if your injury, disability, or illness is due to a work-related condition, you are always qualified for a compensation claim.

 The Bottom Line

Hearing is a primary sense, which is necessary to have if you want a normal and healthy life. However, poor working environments and compromising on the safety of their workers can be the reasons for worker’s hearing loss.

An audiogram will show if the hearing loss happened due to the noise at workplaces during the work or it is caused by ages or other factors. In such situations, we use the medical report as a foundation for the compensation claim.

So, the workers can always apply for the compensation claim, even during their work.