Welcome to the Johnson Law Offices Workers Compensation Estimate Calculator for hearing professionals. This site will allow you to provide an estimate to your patients on the worker’s compensation benefits that may be available to them based on the hearing test you perform. Please follow the directions below to generate an estimate and take the first step in helping your patients claim the benefits for their hearing loss.

Step 1: Enter the patient’s results from the hearing test for their right and left ears in the spaces below.
Step 2: Select the date of retirement (or last day worked in noise) from the dropdown option. Please choose the closest date BEFORE the actual date.
Step 3: Click “GET ESTIMATE.”
Step 4: The calculated estimate will appear in the yellow box.

Note: The disability amount for your claim is the maximum amount supported by records to date. That may change as your claim progresses and as yet undiscovered records are found.

If you have any questions, please contact Nik Johnson, [email protected] or 608-882-6571.

*Decibel Level Test

*DLT Results Right Ear Left Ear
Date of Retirement/Last Day Worked – On or After
Example1: Joe Smith retired on 10/21/2002. Please select 1/1/2002.
Example2: Sue Smith retired on 03/02/2006. Please select 1/1/2006.
Coresponding Weekly Value :
*DISCLAIMER: This is an estimate only. It is a calculation for the disability of work-related hearing loss. It does not include amounts for past and future hearing aid related expenses (which will be sought if the claim is filed).
**This estimate may vary for any number of reasons such as: (1) Past and future hearing tests (2) Work history and dates of employment (3) Medical and other conditions that may or may not affect the hearing loss (4) Application of law and/or changes in the law or administrative or judicial decisions (s).
***NOTE TO PROVIDER: Treat this estimate as a confidential legal document. It is not related to patient care, it is not a medical document or record. DO NOT FORWARD.